Design and Build

Design Impactful and Effective Skilled Volunteering and Pro Bono Programs

Using your unique business product and service, your geographical footprint, your corporate sustainability and social responsibility strategy, your impact goals including SDGs, your HR and staff development strategy, we help you to design an effective pro bono and skilled volunteering program. Our team work with you and senior leaders to design a program that is both sustainable, scalable and impactful. 

Measure Impact and Report Results

Apply metrics, measures, and tools to effectively measure the impact of your program

Our team will work with you to design and implement effective measures, tools and templates to track and report the effectiveness of your pro bono and skilled volunteering program, not only for the community and the NGO but for your volunteer and for your company. 

Classic Pro Bono Service

Short to Mid Length

Provide your company's core business product or service to a community organisation or NFP client and bill them $0. We help you design a strategic pro bono service for your company's unique business service or product and access a network of NFPs in your area eligible to partner with you;   

Skilled Volunteering: advising & mentoring, consulting, secondments, flexible volunteering

Short, Mid & Long Term

Develop your staff through skilled volunteering. We help you implement skilled volunteering projects by scoping, project managing, recruiting, matching and reporting on community projects. Deploy teams or individuals to research and deliver strategy, policy or a certain  project for a NFP or community group. Engage staff in mentoring or secondments with partner NGOs.  

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