Resonate's Pilot Program – R’LAB

On 14 October, Resonate held its pilot R’Lab at Bridge Point offices in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

R’Lab is one of Resonate’s flagship products, designed to integrate skilled volunteering with management consulting services. Through R’Lab, we aim to conduct workshops designed to offer solutions for participating organisations’ and companies’ problems. We do this by connecting companies with relevant socially purposed organisations (SPOs) to increase giving and value sharing.

For our first R’Lab, we were approached by Brisbane social enterprise SEED Parks and Property Maintenance to solve the problem of generating local sales. SEED is a local social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for long-term unemployed and marginalised youth and adults. It specialises in commercial landscape maintenance and cleaning services, and has recently won the Social Enterprise of the Year 2014 at the Social Traders Awards of Excellence. Its Director, Steve Williams, is also chair of theQueensland Social Enterprise Council.

To address SEED’s concerns, we held a 3-hour workshop to unpick its problems, in collaboration with Bridge Point, a network solutions and data management company. During the workshop, Steve Williams presented his challenges to a group of 5 Bridge Point staff, who are professionals in sales, marketing, and operational management. These problems were examined from various angles by Bridge Point staff, SEED staff, and Resonate consultants throughout the facilitated program.

Altogether, 15 hours of top tier consulting was delivered to Steve, with multiple follow up input in forms of project and operational management consulting were offered.

Steve commented after the R’Lab, “ideas generated at the R’Lab have gone straight into my strategic plan, and the offer of follow up advice is invaluable, a huge thanks to everyone involved”.

We would like to thank Bridge Point for its kind sponsoring of the R’Lab by providing invaluable staff time, refreshments, and the use of the executive boardroom.

We are very happy to see Steve benefiting from the advice delivered by Bridge Point’s skilled professionals. We are also thrilled to see Bridge Point engaging its staff in volunteering experiences.

If you are an SPO or a business interested in our R’Lab program and would like to learn

more about what we can offer for you, please contact us ( and we will get in touch with you very quickly. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and Linked In to stay up-to-date with our activities.


The Resonate Team