Resonate Using CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vital to managing a corporation. Management’s decisions are being increasingly critiqued by stakeholders in accordance with their level of compliance with the welfare and interests of society. Consequently, there are many benefits to engaging in CSR that not only advantage a company, but also the surrounding community and environment.

Large-scale corporations such as Unilever have been championing CSR for decades and navigate CSR with ease and finesse. However, it can be difficult for smaller companies to identify with large multinationals and see the benefits of CSR. Luckily, even the smallest local start-ups benefit by centring their business transactions around CSR.

Businesses that emphasise CSR attract more investors, acknowledge and abolish ethical transgressions, and address the concerns of stakeholders. Employees who feel as if they are making a difference work harder and enjoy their work more than their counterparts. Commitment to CSR is an investment in the future of a business, as it ensures ethical operation with regard to the community and environment, sustaining customers into the future.

However it can be difficult for small and large businesses alike to foray into CSR. This is where Resonate is a crucial enterprise, ensuring that companies can reap all of the benefits of CSR. Resonate operates as a middle man to link businesses who provide important services to social organisations who need help in order to effect change in the local community or even the world. Resonate helps businesses instigate their CSR journey, encouraging them to get social and make change.


The Resonate Team