2014: Resonate Rewind

2014 was a wonderful year for Resonate. Thank you to all our followers and supporters for being a part of it. Here is a recap of our year:

In July of 2014 Resonate incorporated as a social enterprise soon after co-founders Jennifer Bishop and Tamlyn Rudolph graduated from the School for Social Entrepreneurs Incubator program. Following this, Resonate embarked on another incubator program with the Impact Academy in August. One-2-one mentoring throughout helped refine the business model and pushed Resonate to operate ‘lean start up’ style. Eager to get social and make change, Resonate co-hosted a meet up in September with the Queensland Social Enterprise Council in preparation for our first meet up in early October. We also presented at a UQ-BSPA and Milaana UQ social enterprise show case to advertise for student interns. At this event we gained 6 interns for our team and began to grow our social media presence through a blog. 6th of October was a highlight of our year, as Resonate hosted our first solo event. Forty people gathered with both project owners and skilled volunteers coming together to “offer” and “ask” for skills and collaboration.

This event proved successful, as Resonate hosted their first pilot Lab between social enterprise SEED Property Parks and Maintenance and Bridgepoint IT services soon afterwards. The facilitated workshop included 3 hours of volunteer consulting to SEED on a sales strategy and included hosting and refreshments kindly provided by Bridgepoint. Also in October, Resonate presented at the Griffith University Social Enterprise Show case evening alongside other local social project owners. We also attended a Macquarie hackathon event in Sydney hosted by the School of Social Entrepreneurs, sharing our business idea with a room of Macquarie bank directors and associates. A busy month!

In November we hosted our second solo meet up, supported by the kind sponsorship of Greg Johnson at Macquarie Bank. This event brought together local project owners including Sarah Tennant from Givit and Jelenko Dragsiic from Roadmender. Excited talk of collaboration was rife throughout the room. Resonate team members also attended the Impact Youth Social Enterprise Spring Fling dinner to share our vision with young people. Mid November, Resonate pitched our business idea to Deloitte at a Social Innovation Shark Tank event as part of the Change Maker’s Festival. We finished the month co-hosting a meet up with Queensland Social Enterprise Council and the School of Social Entrepreneurs. This night was the night of the biggest storm in Queensland in 30 years causing millions of dollars of hail damage, yet 40 brave souls attended to the event.

In December, Resonate graduated from Impact Academy, presenting at their Show Case event and tying up a great 5 months of business development and mentoring. We finished the year with a team of 16 interns, 4 events, 1 Lab and a database of over 300 skilled professionals, 50 projects and 5 c

ompanies. We are so grateful for the help and assistance of mentors Peter Ball, Jose Adrian and Vivien Kuest of Impact Academy, the Impact Entrepreneurs and peers, and our Resonate team, friends, family and loved ones. We would particularly like to extend thanks to the Queensland Social Enterprise Council and the School of Social Entrepreneurs for their assistance and support throughout the year.

We look forward to an exciting 2015 – a year full of new projects, new events, and new opportunities for collaboration. We wish all our supporters the best of holidays and a happy and bright New Year.


The Resonate Team