The Motivation Trifecta

We’re now halfway through January 2015 and many of us are getting back to work and gearing up for a hectic year. As I rang in the New Year and scrolled through the scores of “New Year, new me” posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I vowed that this year – unlike many previous years – I would actually stick to my resolutions. What makes this year different to other years? Daniel Pink’s motivation trifecta – a formula for intrinsic motivation.

The three elements of this motivation trifecta are autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Psychologist Edward Deci investigated motivation in the 1970s and found that money, materials, and other extrinsic forces do not motivate people to perform. He found that in order to succeed, motivation must come from within.

Autonomy is vital to motivation. We feel better about achieving when it is a product of our own work. Employers who allow employees a degree of autonomy foster higher job satisfaction and performance and employees are more likely to see their work through.

Furthermore, mastery is an inherent part of motivation. Human beings’ natural need for competition fuels the desire to master a task or ability. Progress contributes to inner drive and aiming higher than expected ensures that there is always a new goal to be achieved.

The most crucial element of this trifecta is purpose. Connecting to a cause for the greater good produces the greatest motivation. The selflessness involved in a task the benefits others creates a positive atmosphere and often the fact that people in need are relying on you encourages timeliness and quality when completing tasks

Resonate is built on the philosophy of the motivation trifecta. Through our database, participants choose their tasks and set their own hours. Further, businesses and corporations that work with us are given a more competitive edge by giving back to the community. Finally, both businesses and individuals are given a sense of purpose by contributing to society. Hop on board with Resonate to get social and make change.


The Resonate Team