Volunteering, Your First Step To Success

Volunteering is one of the best ways for graduating students to obtain work experience before jumping into the real world and starting a career. Besides providing them with the chance to gain and increase skills and knowledge for future jobs, volunteering also gives young adults motivation and a sense of accomplishment and helps them develop work ethics and productivity. However, before deciding to join any volunteering opportunities, graduates might want to find out which ones can be of true benefit for them.

Non-profit organisations highly value volunteer workers because of their role as the bridge to the community. While they help the organisation reduce services costs, volunteers tend to have more effective work results as they genuinely have the community’s best interest at heart, and are determined to deliver the goals of the organisations. Furthermore, due to the fact that they come from different communities themselves, they also help expand networks through interaction with other ‘untouched’ communities and provision of resources for the organisation. Like a cycle, while volunteers benefit from expanding their networks and practicing useful transferrable skills, they return benefits to the society.

Nowadays, a lot of non-profit organisations are providing skill-based volunteering opportunities. Now keep in mind that skill-based volunteering is different from low level volunteering in the way that tasks do not require as many skills. Skill-based volunteering allows volunteers to put their expertise into practice in supporting the community the organisation serves, so task focus is smaller in proportion due to the more effort the workers deploy, while lower level volunteering requires a broader range of short-term tasks. It is important to notice that, because of how specific it is, skilled-based volunteering activities have to be matched with the individual’s capabilities, to achieve a better quality result instead of merely getting the job done.

As for the volunteers themselves, the value they get from participating in high-skills volunteering in organisations’ programs relates to the increased credibility in terms of working experience, and the opportunity to be casted in the organisation if they evolve as workers and show potential to be great employees. Taking this into consideration, skill-based volunteering offers more chances for job-seekers to get a higher position once they enter the career world.

For this, Resonate prompts job-seekers to get involved in volunteer work and hone their skills. We host corporate social networking events that provide graduates and job-seekers with the opportunity to meet and mingle with decision makers from non-profit organisations and socially responsible corporations. Get social, make change.