The Asylum Circle Workshop

Today approximately 2,000 people live in Queensland on Temporary Protection Visas. These visas only last for 3 years and prevent the recipient from travelling to see their relatives or bringing their family to Australia to join them. Most of these people have suffered from horrific experiences, which have pushed them to leave their homes and flee for their safety. While they may feel secure when they arrive, applying for official protection is not easy and can take years via a long and complicated process. This has left some refugees, including unaccompanied children, disconnected from their families and in limbo which can severely distress and traumatize them. Many of these new arrivals are living in obscurity, on the edge of Queensland society.

On the 16th November, Resonate teamed up with Communify Queensland and skilled volunteers including marketing experts, financiers, and more to lead a workshop around the Help Them Stay campaign. This project aims to raise $100,000 to contribute to legal clinics for vulnerable asylum seekers, improving the chances for people like Asha from Sudan to submit strong applications and to receive official Refugee status. The teams brainstormed ideas to engage corporate, private philanthropists, community groups, schools and the public with the campaign. To date, they have successfully crowdfunded $50, 000 and are more than half way to their ultimate goal.

You can help them stay by visit /communifyqldasylumcircle. Nothing is too big or small, we appreciate all of your efforts in supporting us, raising vital funds and awareness to fight for people who is still struggling to live in peace.

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