Corporate Pro Bono Programs Developing Leaders

Developing those people who will lead tomorrow’s companies and not-for-profit organisations has never been more important. In the lead up to the Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit in Sydney in November we reflect on how pro bono is emerging as an innovative, high-impact strategy that can equip corporate leaders with the skills they will need to thrive.

Companies are no longer asking “should we engage in the community” but “HOW?”. Studies are showing that corporate giving is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. As a result, experiential learning afforded through pro bono projects have emerged as a cost effective and powerful way to develop leaders with skill such as empathy, humility, resilience and ability to innovate in a changing work environment.

If corporate pro bono services delivering projects in HR, strategy, or marketing to the not-for-profit sector are becoming favoured avenues for corporate talent development, how does this create lasting benefit within the not-for-profit sector?

For nonprofits the success of pro bono services in an area of organizational need like HR, strategy, or marketing is highly dependent on adept leadership. Leadership buy-in may mean more than approval or active support for the project, but it must mean developing the leadership skills that will help that project succeed. Since many not for profits lack the resources to develop their leaders, this addresses another critical area of need for pro bono expertise.

Many companies have the capacity to deliver pro bono projects specifically focused on leadership development as an avenue to ultimately building an non profit organization’s leaders’ capabilities and leadership strategy. By integrating both traditional pro bono and a leadership program into their capacity building projects, both companies and not for profits can achieve stronger outcomes with both social and economic returns.

To learn more about how your company or not-for-profit organisation can create or implement pro bono services into its strategic plan, you’re invited to the Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit in Sydney on November 2nd.

The one day summit, hosted at Westpac Bank and presented by Resonate Consulting and the Global Pro Bono Network, sponsored by BMW Foundation and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a gathering of corporates and not for profits to share models and best practice in pro bono.

To see the full program, speaker list and to book tickets click here.

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