Thamer Baazeem – Assistant Professor of Marketing

King AbdulAziz University

Things that are not linked to money will be linked straight to hearts. This is how I can explain my relationship with Resonate and its CEO, Miss Jennifer Bishop. The value they have added to my life is extensively unique and impacted directly on my personal and professional charisma.


Through Resonate activities, I have had chances to apply my marketing experience with real life innovative social enterprises. Giving back to the community by using our professional talents makes the feeling of volunteering more powerful and impactful. It also helps the small social organizations to provide high quality of services, which improves the added values they make for the community.

Jonathon Flegg – Senior Manager

Deloitte Australia

It’s easy in the hustle-and-bustle of working life to not dedicate the time you really want to in making a high-impact in the community. That’s where Resonate comes in, by connecting talented and time-poor professionals with opportunities to give back that actually leverage their personal and professional strengths.


The time I’ve been able to provide in working with Jennifer and the Resonate team has been incredibly enriching on a personal level, has let me play to my strengths and also has been a great opportunity to meet a range of interesting and motivated people who are also giving back. Resonate fills an important gap in the space between the corporate end of town and the people and organisations who can use their support the most.

Kara Burns - Professional Photographer

Working as the photographer for Resonate and it's 'Human's That Resonate' segment is one of the great joys of my life. I love creating striking portraits of the people revolutionising the Brisbane not-for-profit /corporate ecosystem. It is an opportunity for me to be part of a vibrant community and be connected with people making a difference in the lives of others.


Jennifer Bishop certainly has vision. She saw this opportunity just at the right time when there was an explosion of social enterprise and companies began entering into more meaningful social initiatives. I look forward to a long relationship with these amazing people and helping build the shared vision of Resonate.

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